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To begin, I want to tell you about the MyFitRX program that we offer. The MyFitRX program is an 8-week medical fitness program for individuals with chronic diseases/illnesses, injuries, difficulty overcoming illness, as well as individuals looking to start their health and well-being journey. The outline of our program follows those of ACSM guidelines to ensure that our participants are exercising safely! We begin the program admittance process with a referral from a physician, physical therapist, nurse practitioner, or anyone licensed to give care. This referral gives us the opportunity to see why a participant is interested in joining our program, as the referring provider is required to mark down a “health pathway” for their patient. Once a referral form is received, we bring participants in for a pre-assessment appointment. During this pre-assessment, we conduct a variety of tests including: resting vitals, strength tests, endurance tests, and flexibility tests. While the pre-assessment tells us information that we need to about an individuals’ fitness levels, it is really a time where I like to talk to the participant and understand their goals and worries. Once the pre-assessment is finished, we write a customized exercise plan for each individual, ensuring that they are performing exercises that really match up to what their goals of the program are! From here, participants complete two 60-minute supervised group exercise sessions per week for 7 weeks. Each exercise session is overseen by one of our degreed and certified fitness specialists. Once all 14 supervised exercise sessions are complete, participants come back in for a post-assessment appointment, where we see how their fitness and health levels have improved over the past 8 weeks!

The other piece of information that I am excited to speak about, is that we will be starting up a Pedal for Parkinson’s program in June! This special program is going to be 4 weeks long, and will be led by our certified instructor John Gillivan. The program will be open registration for members and nonmembers of the Ciccotti Center, giving everyone the chance to come in and experience guided exercise for targeting health benefits.

I am also going to attach a copy of a welcome letter that we provide to inquiring and new participants, as well as a sample referral form, just so you can see a little bit more in depth about what the program is!

Again, I would love the opportunity to talk to you more in-depth about the MyFitRX program, as well as the other tremendous opportunities that the Ciccotti Center has to offer. Please, let me know if you have any questions and I am looking forward to hearing back from you!

Sophie Hunter, M.S. HHP, NASM CPT
Wellness Navigator
CDPHP Fitness Connect at the Ciccotti Center
30 Aviation Rd, Colonie, NY 12205
(518) 867-8920

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