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Parkinson's Foundation - Plan for the next hospital stay.

Parkinson's Foundation - Plan for the next hospital stay.

Get Your Aware in Care Kit
The Aware in Care kit includes tools and information that will help people with Parkinson's and their families plan for the next hospital stay.

Research has found that three out of four people with Parkinson’s do not receive medications on time when staying in the hospital, and that when this occurs two out of three will experience unnecessary complications.

With more frequent hospital visits and a high sensitivity to the timing and dosing of PD medications, people with Parkinson’s face great risks in the hospital.

At the Parkinson’s Foundation, it is our mission to help people with Parkinson’s disease live better lives, and that includes staying safe while in the hospital. We want to help people affected by PD to be “Aware in Care,” which means they:

  • Understand the risks associated with hospital stays.

  • Have tools to play an active role in their care.

  • Are prepared for a hospital visit, whether planned or unplanned.

  • Have a plan to get the best possible care in the hospital.

There are three easy ways to get these life-saving resources:

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