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The Healthy Parkinson’s CommunitiesTM Summit Reflection

The Healthy Parkinson’s CommunitiesTM Summit in Clifton Park, NY, featured two days of programming dedicated to community connection and increasing awareness of and engagement with local resources and experts dedicated to helping people with Parkinson’s live well in the Capital Region of New York.

On Saturday, April 22nd, The Davis Phinney Foundation hosted “Living Well in the Capital Region.” This was a free public event that included a resource fair and a panel presentation to help connect individuals and families affected by Parkinson’s with the information they need to improve their well-being. More than 15 local and national resources were featured. Many people were able to have demos of dance and boxing classes and most importantly, have their questions regarding resources answered.

In addition to connecting participants directly with local and national resources at the resource fair, there was a panel discussion to help attendees learn more about how to access specialists, integrate complementary therapies, exercise regularly, and how to connect with their community. The panelist speakers included:

Sara Radmard, MD - local neurologist

Stephanie Soto - physical therapist and support group leader

Steve Hovey - Parkinson’s advocate and board president of Help for Parkinson’s

William Tuthill - Parkinson’s advocate and support group leader

Cindy Petker - Parkinson’s care partner

92% of those surveyed reported that they feel like they now know who to turn to for support in their community. How awesome!

This is what some participants said about the event:

“Our favorite part was everyone getting together and sharing their information on how to deal with Parkinson’s. It was a great panel of individuals discussing Parkinson’s and how it affects their lives.” - Event Attendee

“Our favorite part was meeting others and speaking with them individually. We learn so much from acquaintances, and it helps to gradually build connections that may grow over time, especially for my parents who desperately need to connect with others.” - Event Attendee

“Very knowledgeable panel members - all accessible and willing and easy to speak to. An enjoyable, relaxing, and informative time. My husband with Parkinson’s, who at first was unsure about attending, was very much at ease and TALKATIVE!!!””

- Event Attendee

On Sunday, April 23rd, The Davis Phinney Foundation held a working day for local community leaders, including our Community Action Committee and participants from the local senior center, wellness programs, and more. This day focused on connecting the individuals behind critical resources to improve awareness, referrals, and collaboration. The group discussed primary challenges in their community and brainstormed potential solutions. With the help of The Davis Phinney Foundation, this work will continue on.

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