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Top 10 Determinants of Healthy Aging

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

Healthy aging is something we are all striving for. When living with Parkinson's Disease, this may be something you think about more than others. A recent study identified all the key variables that lead to healthy aging for all humans.

Top 10 determinants of healthy aging:

  1. Physical activity

  2. Diet

  3. Self-awareness

  4. Outlook/attitude

  5. Life-long learning

  6. Faith

  7. Social Support

  8. Financial Security

  9. Community engagement

  10. Independence.

Interested in improving your physical activity? There are tons of options in the New York Capital District Area! Check out our Exercise Class tab, take a look at our Health Care Professionals tab and see a Physical Therapist, or talk to one of our Volunteers about how they stay active! Take a look at our Education tab to work towards life-long learning and read more about diet and PD. Look through our support groups to improve your social support. We are here to help you live well with PD today and tomorrow.


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