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Dr. Eric Molho

Dr. Molho attended the Albany Medical College and was awarded his Medical Degree in 1987. He received his residency training in neurology at Albany Medical Center from 1988-1991 and went on to do his fellowship training in movement disorders with Dr. Stewart A. Factor at Albany Medical Center. Dr. Molho is a board-certified neurologist licensed in the state of New York, Professor of Neurology and The Riley Family Chair in Parkinson's Disease at Albany Medical Center. Dr. Molho assumed the directorship of the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center in 2005.

Dr. Molho has had extensive experience with the diagnosis and treatment PD and other forms of parkinsonism. He has been an investigator in over 100 clinical trials exploring new treatments for Parkinson’s disease including cutting edge symptomatic therapies and potentially neuroprotective interventions. He is also actively collaborating with the basic science community studying the mechanisms and utility of deep brain stimulation in animal models of PD, diagnostic imaging in parkinsonism and the application of focused ultrasound of the gut to slow disease progression and treat constipation in a rodent model of PD. He has also been an active investigator with the Parkinson's Study Group since 1996. Dr. Molho has published numerous articles and book chapters in this field with particular emphasis on drug-induced psychosis in PD and experimental therapeutics.

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