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Care partner Resources

Care partner Resources

As a Parkinson’s care partner, you are an essential member of your person’s medical and care teams. While most care partners are spouses, children, siblings, and parents, even friends can be part of the care team. Your role as a Parkinson’s care partner will evolve over the years; therefore, we want to offer you resources and action plans to help YOU live well while also providing the best care possible for your loved one.

Davis Phinney Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation Care Partner Program is designed with care partners in mind and is recommended for anyone caring for someone living with PD, including spouses, partners, children or friends. 

The Care Partner Program: Building a Care Partnership

This Series of Online Courses for Family Care Partners are: Completely Free and available for anyone with an internet connection

Self Paced – each can be completed in 1-2 hours in a single sitting or spread out over days, weeks or months

Designed by the Care Partner Program Committee, made up of current and former Parkinson’s Care Partners


APDA Resources for care partners

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