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Sleep and PD

Sleep and PD

The brain changes that are part of PD can also cause sleep difficulties and some people have problems sleeping even before movement symptoms develop and PD is diagnosed.

Some PD medications can disrupt sleep. Others make people sleepy during the day. Not surprisingly, sleep-related symptoms are reported by more than 75 percent of people with PD. 

Ask a group of people with Parkinson’s Disease how many hours of sleep they get per night and you may be in for a surprise. One study found that persons with Parkinson’s disease averaged just over 5 hours of sleep per night, and woke up twice as many times as adults of similar age without Parkinson’s disease did. Reasons for decreased sleep are varied.

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Fatigue and trouble sleeping can come from Parkinson's, its symptoms or the medications used to treat them. There are many approaches to managing fatigue and sleep changes, and researchers are working toward better treatments.


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