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Steve Hovey

Spending the majority of his career in the office furniture industry, Steve sold his business in 2011, four (4) years after his diagnosis of Parkinson’s in 2007. After moving to Saratoga Springs in 2015, Steve continued his volunteer work with the Davis Phinney Foundation serving as an Ambassador for the New York area.
Steve is passionate about sharing the message that there are daily actions we can take to manage Parkinson’s.
“When I was diagnosed, the focus of my treatment was medicine. The doctors never mentioned the benefits of dealing with Parkinson’s on a more holistic level – exercise, good nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle. Though [things are] getting better, there are still too many people who need to hear the message that taking medicine alone is not going to help you live your best life with Parkinson’s.”
With the launch of the Healthy Parkinson’s Communities initiative in the upstate NY Capital Region, we hope to continue to spread this message by offering Parkinson’s community access to available programs and learning opportunities.
In his spare time, Steve is an avid road cyclist, hiker, and skier. Steve also enjoys volunteering his time with Score, serving as a mentor to small businesses in the Albany area.

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