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November Parkinson's Spotlight

Resolute Physical Therapy

November Parkinson's Spotlight

This month's Parkinson's Spotlight is highlighting two people, Dr. Robert Rehberger and Dr. Jaclyn Sullican. Robert and Jaclyn are both Physical Therapists and co-own, along with another therapist, Resolute Physical Therapy. They are starting a new exercise class just for people with Parkinson's, called Steadfast.

Dr. Rehberger has been practicing physical therapy since 2016 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Chapman University. He is a Board Certified Orthopedic Specialist. He has graduated from one of three accredited APTA Spine Fellowship programs as a Board Certified Spine Fellow, completed during his time with Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, NY. He has extensively worked with post stroke, parkisons, and other neurological disorders while implementing strength training, dynamic balance, and resistance training protocols to help those populations achieve maximal function throughout life. Robert is an active weightlifter and former powerlifter with decades of sports participation including collegiate baseball. He continues to play softball, loves sushi, and enjoys hiking with his wife, son, and two dogs.

Dr. Sullivan graduated with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Utica University in 2017. Jaclyn has worked with both the pediatric and adult population in a skilled nursing facility and outpatient orthopedic setting. Jaclyn enjoys working with both the active adult and adolescent population and also has a passion for women’s health and providing services to women across the life span including pregnancy, postpartum care, and osteoporosis management.  She has received her Pelvic floor 1 certification through Herman and Wallace, a renowned Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. She is passionate about working with the Women's health population as she also runs a weightlifting for Women with osteoporosis class. Outside of work Jaclyn enjoys spending time with daughter, husband, dog and extended family friends. She enjoys working out, specifically crossfit and was a competitive figure skater growing up.

Doctors Jaclyn, Katie, and Robert started Resolute Physical Therapy to provide individual therapy sessions with a focus on holistic healing and wellness! "We believe that patients should be provided with care that is as unique as they are, not a "cookie cutter" or "high volume" approach which unfortunately has become the norm for many therapy practices. Our own practice was created with us moving away from conventional physical therapy, allowing us to practice with our clients best interests in mind. We want to offer this community an array of rehabilitative, restorative, and preventative solutions that cater to all populations and needs. Creating a welcoming and healing place that focuses on the entire person, rather than just a diagnosis, is how we practice and will continue to for all our friends and clients!"

Robert and Jaclyn shared that their new exercise class started from their team seeing a gap during rehab/physical therapy to independence with exercise. "Often, clients with parksinsons or other impairments make great improvements with rehab, but then have trouble maintaining or continuing to perform activities on their own. Our class bridges that gap." The program aims to offers weekly opportunities to build strength appropriate to the individual, improve dynamic balance, increase cardiovascular endurance, and focus upon foundations that have already been made. Resolute Physical Therapy also offers an osteoporosis class and will be adding those concepts to the class to address the high prevalence of osteoporosis in the Parkinson's population.

Steadfast will be limited to 6 individuals per session with one Doctor of Physical Therapy. The principles of this class are derived from evidence based research and practices including principles LSVT BIG, Rock Steady Boxing, weightlifting, and Osteoporosis management. All participants will be prescreened to assess their current physical capabilities. Rest assured, they will be able to modify program plans to make sure the program is appropriate for the individual.

Robert and Jaclyn wanted to share this piece of advice with you all:

"The first step is always the hardest, but no matter the time in your life or place in your journey, there is always room for growth. P.S. Keep moving!"

Interested in joining their class? Visit their website at

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