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October Parkinson's Spotlight

Learn More about Thor Lampman

October Parkinson's Spotlight

This month, we are spotlighting Thor Lampman, Wellness Director of the Southern Saratoga YMCA. Thor oversees all the health and wellness programs, classes, and personal training. He has a wealth of knowledge in health and wellness and uses it to help support and push the Parkinson's community to live well today.

Thor became involved in our Parkinson's community through his role at the YMCA. He started learning about the disease and the benefits of exercise from Shannon, an instructor of the Neuromotor Wellness classes. For his master's degree, he wrote a [remove 10-page] paper on the importance of physical activity in reducing PD symptoms. "Physical activity and exercise is literally something that will save people's lives," Thor shared. Thor is using the research articles he used for his paper to educate and train YMCA staff to ensure they gain a deeper understanding of Parkinson's disease.

Thor is working on starting a new boxing class for his YMCA. This class will not be a Rock Steady Boxing class, as there is a new Rock Steady Boxing location in Saratoga. The class will involve footwork instruction, striking on heavy bags, and mitt work. Thor is hoping to have the class ready to roll out in the near future, but first he plans to observe other classes in our area to better understand how best to serve all of you. This class is free for YMCA members and will be a small fee for community members.

Thor's passion for helping the Parkinson's community is evident in his work. He is committed to providing safe and effective exercise programs that can help people with Parkinson's live their best lives.

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