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Dance for PD - Dance by phone


Exercise, Dance

Free within North America
Dance for PD’s Dance by Phone initiative invites people without internet access or digital technology to benefit from the experience of a dance class wherever they are and whenever they want a movement session, just by dialing a number on a telephone.
The system is easy to use and toll-free within North America. To access this resource, call 1-800-957-1046.

Call 1-800-957-1046 | Use your keypad
When prompted, you may select the activity you’d like to do by entering an extension number from the menu:

Activity menu

Introduction (please listen to this message the first time you use the system)

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Sun Salutation

Broadway number



Hand and Foot dance

At the end of each activity, you must press 0 to return to the main menu or another activity extension before the end of the recording to continue. If you do not press anything, the system will automatically disconnect you and end the call.

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