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Local Care Partner Resources


Local, Care Partners

Parkinson’s Care Partner Resources 4/2024 

Local PD Care Partner Support Groups 

IN PERSON, Mornings, monthly, Clifton Park 

Contact: Nancy Eson (518) 281-6012 

IN PERSON, Evenings, monthly, Colonie 

Contact: Addy Spitzer (320) 249-6862 

ZOOM ONLY: Evenings, monthly, originated from Albany County Contact: Nancy Eson (518) 281-6012 

National PD Organizations - Care Partner Resources 

Davis Phinney Foundation 

Parkinson Foundation 

Helpline: 1(800) 473-4636 

American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) 

Michael J. Fox Foundation Care Partner / Caregiver General Resources 

Alzheimer's Association 

Helpline: (800) 272-3900 

NYS Respite for the Caregiver Support Initiative - respite scholarships People with PD and care partners can utilize Alzheimer’s Assoc. resources 

Catholic Charities 

Caregiver Support Program, 14 counties, 518 372 5667 

County and City Senior Services - contact local senior services offices

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