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May Parkinson's Spotlight

Learn more about Marie Thorne

May Parkinson's Spotlight

This month, I had the pleasure to interview Marie Thorne, a local legend and a dear friend.

Marie was diagnosed with PD in 2013. Since then, she has made such an immense impact on our community. Marie is the Treasurer of Help For PD, she prepares the most in depth monthly newsletter for the Capital District and Central NY area for all things PD related, she is currently serving as a support group leader in Saratoga County, and she runs a brain training class at the Saratoga YMCA, just to name a few. Marie was recently named one of Hannaford Supermarkets 20 Outstanding Women! 

Marie lives well with PD by staying upbeat and positive. She shared "I don't let my diagnosis control me. I continue to do as many activities as I possibly can and I don't allow Parkinson's to manipulate my life." Marie likes to be active by playing disc golf, riding her tricycle, playing cornhole, attending exercise classes, and exercising in her own home gym. Marie and her husband are avid gardeners and are planning to plant 35 tomato plants this summer, along with other various vegetables and fruit!  Her homemade sauce, meatballs, and sausages are incredible, trust me.

Marie is currently working on connecting with those who have PD and are searching for advice and guidance. She frequently receives calls from people in our community and loves sharing her experience with living well with PD. Marie, and others from Help For PD, played a crucial role in helping start a Rock Steady Boxing class in Saratoga. She is extremely excited for people in her area to have access to one of her favorite exercise classes. The class is expected to start early this summer.

Marie would like to share this piece of advice with you all:

"Everyone should get into support groups and exercise classes to be able to meet other people with Parkinson's. Grow your knowledge and be around people with Parkinson's. It really helps knowing there are other people around you that are going through the same thing"

I asked Marie what she is looking forward to the most this summer. She shared she is excited to go to a Yankee game with her family. However, this means she will have to miss a road race involving kayaking, biking, and running. Instead, Marie plans to put together her own race with her friends and family. I told you she does it all!

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