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January 24, 2023

Advice about getting a second opinion

My husband, and I are thinking of obtaining a second opinion in regard to the treatment/medication plan he is receiving for his Parkinson's Disease.

Is there a way for us to ask an anonymous question to the group, seeking recommendations for a neurologist in the Capital District area (or even outside of the immediate Capital District) if one of the members has strong recommendation.

I think the neurologist we are seeing now will have an attitude with us if he thinks we are seeking a second opinion so I prefer that he not know about this.
Is he seeing a Neurologist that specializes in movement disorders? If not, I suggest you see a movement disorder specialist at Albany Med.

Movement disorder specialists see many more people with PD then a general neurologist, keep up with research and are better able to give accurate PD diagnoses,

If you already are seeing a movement disorder specialist, please give me a call. I would like to speak with you before opening up a conversation on our email list.
Yes, we see a MDS at Albany Med
I think our Dr. is a good neurologist, but we should seek a second opinion, as a fresh set of eyes to see if there's anything we are missing.
I have a few suggestions regarding finding a doctor to give a second opinion for Tim’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

Typically, getting a second opinion will involve a review of your medical records and a conversation with you about your symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options. How ever you ask another doctor to give you a second opinion, the doctor will probably need the medical records from your current Dr.
Most doctors will welcome the opportunity to help you get the care you need, and won’t be offended if you ask for a second opinion. Ypur Dr. might be able to recommend the right doctor for your needs. He might recommend one of his colleagues at his office, or elsewhere.

Albany Med has the only Movement Disorder Neurologists in this area. Any other second opinion you seek will most likely not be local.

I believe that the closest movement disorder doctors are (there may be more) :

Saratoga -




Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester



Advice about getting a second opinion
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