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Gifts for People with PD

With the holiday season here, people are always looking for gift ideas. Here are a few of our favorite gifts that can help people live well with PD.

Self care/hygiene

Automatic toothpaste dispensers can be a great option for those who have a hard time with opening and closing their toothpaste and/or squeezing their toothpaste tube. A water flosser can be used instead of regular floss. No more blowing our your hair with a hair dyer and a hair brush. A hairbrush dryer has both items built into one and is SO much easier and faster to use! Have a hard time going #2? The Squatty Potty puts your hips and bowels in a better position to help you go.


If dressing is becoming more difficult, there are tons of companies who are releasing new adaptive clothing lines such as:

Kiziks (for shoes!)


Trouble opening jars? Check out this handy jar opener. Trouble stirring sauces or soups when on the stove? This automatic stirrer has got you covered. Trouble drinking from a cup because of limit neck mobility? They make cups that do not require to tip your head back! Trouble chopping vegetables? This chopper will turn your whole vegetable into diced, spiraled, sliced, and ribboned in seconds. This cutting board allows you to grate, peel, and chop while still using a knife and grater!

Pouring batter into your tin has never been easier (and less messy) with this batter separator.

If you have tremor that is impacting your eating, this Liftware Steady utensil moves with your tremor and stabilizes the utensil to minimize food spilling when eating.


Silk sheets can help keep you cool and help you move more easily in bed. Be careful with using BOTH silk sheets and silk pajamas. That can become too slippery and lead to you sliding off the bed (trust me).

Some people say that a weighted blanket help them sleep better and help calm their tremors. A sunlight alarm clock can help you wake up feeling more rested. Most usually have a white noise machine built in to help you have a more restful sleep.

Have any other products you enjoy using that might help someone else live well with PD? Leave a comment below! Happy holidays!


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